Strong experience of Engineering disciplines gathered during participation in several programs with prime contractors or OEM: Design, Stress, Systems installation design, System integration onto structure, Research and Development of Aero structures (composites), Certification.The main role attributed to ITRB in present CFP will be to lead the material selection process to be submitted to topic manager.

ITRB can count on sound experience on the subject thanks to deep and detailed investigation conducted for OEM and First Tier Supplier onto Materials and Standards distribution in on-going Aerospace Programs. A result of investigation is represented by detailed report of amount of parked (for aircraft achieved en-of-life) and flying materials and its distribution on existing aircraft. Moreover, the investigation has been completed with forecast based on two main programs in certification phase of the two main worldwide Aircraft OEMs.

ITRB engineering has participated in the following programs in the above mentioned areas of expertise: A340-600 HTP, A380 HTP, VTP, Belly Fairing, Landing gear doors, S15 fuselage upper shell, A350 belly fairing and tail cone, B787 fuselage and empennage, A320 doors surround and fuselage forward section, A400M cargo floor and ramp door, ATR42 fuselage and cockpit, Dornier 728 fuselage, elevator and rudder, aileron and belly fairing.

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