The main objective of the PLIT project , carried out by the Consortium led by The CIDAUT Foundation (Spain) together with ITRB (Cyprus) and PBLH International Consulting SPRL (Belgium), was to provide a scientific approach to the physics of the LRI process, applied in aeronautics for the cost-efficient and clean manufacture of large high quality stiffened wing panel composite structures, by a “numerical process simulation model”, to study the resin flow during the impregnation. In particular, the scientific approach to the physics of the process has been implemented thanks to the numerical simulation for mastering the resin flow during the impregnation stage avoiding filling defects and improving the robustness of the process.

The simulation model has been developed using commercial software and, during the model creation, accurate input parameters have been identified for the resin, reinforcements and the distribution media in order to accurately predict the resin flow front in LRI processes.

For the validation of the numerical model results, starting from Clean Sky Members indications, innovative test bench has been conceived and manufactured, incorporating last-generation sensors developed for the accurate monitoring of the resin flow front and curing during the LRI tests.

Finally, the last stage of the project consists on the execution of the manufacturing validation tests that will be carried out at the Topic Manager site by the innovative tools manufactured; technical support will be given in order to analyze the correlation between experimental infusion test results and simulation predictions.