The objective of the meeting was to review the progress of activities and to attend an LRI test for the infusion of a flat stiffened wing panel with the same geometry and ply drop-offs already defined for the parts targeted in the PLIT project.

During the Review the LRI equipment architecture and the specific infusion tooling were examined.

During the meeting, CIDAUT explained the methodology and results obtained from the laboratory characterization tests carried out for the identification of porosity and permeability data of distribution media and carbon fibre reinforcements. Once the characterization stage is finished, CIDAUT will undertake the creation of the models for the upper and lower stiffened wing panels demonstrators that will be used for the optimization of the infusion strategy.

The validation of these models will be done in WP3 by means of the correlation of simulation and experimental results obtained by SICAMB during the processing of the panels in the Test Bench.

Regarding the detailed design of the Test Bench, during the meeting general detailed design guidelines were agreed aiming to minimize the manufacturing costs but at the same time allowing the evaluation of the LRI process in a real scenario, by the processing demonstrators wing panels with geometrical complexity and manufacturing tolerances according to the real flying parts.

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