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As the last stage of the project, technical support is given to SICAMB during WP3 for the analysis of the correlation between results from LRI experimental tests and simulation models.

The optimized LRI simulation methodology developed in WP1 efficiently computes for the through-the-thickness resin flow in LRI processes with the significant advantage of a minimized computing time, specially suited for the analysis of very large panels.

Accurate determination of permeability and viscosity model parameters were key factors for achieving a good correlation between experimental and simulation filling times.

TEST BENCH DELIVERY Tue, 11 Nov 2014 14:25:54 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

A complete Test Bench was delivered to SICAMB for the manufacturing of the wing stiffened panels by the LRI technology and the validation of the LRI simulation models created during WP1.

The Test Bench includes two large moulds that will be used at SICAMB site for the manufacturing of upper and lower stiffened wing panel demonstrators within the scope of the Green Regional Program (GRA) of Clean Sky program.

LRI MODEL VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION TESTS Fri, 01 Aug 2014 10:56:56 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Verification and validation tests for the LRI simulation model were completed with satisfactory results.

Numerical verification was performed by means of correlation with the theoretical model while the validation tests included infusion and LRI tests carried by CIDAUT using the RTM6 resin and the UD carbon fibre reinforcements characterized previously during the project. A good correlation was achieved between the simulation and experimental results.

The LRI simulation models developed within the PLIT project will be very useful for the optimization of the set-up of the LRI processes for large stiffened wing panels, as a valuable engineering tool to evaluate alternative impregnation strategies.

PROJECT REVIEW MEETING AND TOOLS CDR AT SICAMB (LATINA, ITALY) Tue, 17 Jun 2014 12:03:43 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

The meeting was called to do the Critical Design Review of the Tools detailed design and also to present the LRI simulation models created by CIDAUT according to the CATIA design of the upper and lower stiffened wing panels demonstrators.

A presentation with several case studies already simulated was shown for the illustration of the use of the models for the optimization of the process set-up.

The validation of the models started after the manufacturing of the Test Bench.
Also, during the meeting a technical review was done among CIDAUT, SICAMB and Alenia Aermacchi on the detailed design of the tools created by ITRB ending in the list of updates required in the detailed design required before launching the manufacturing of the Test Bench. A review of the updated schedule of activities was also done during the meeting.

PROCESS SIMULATION MODEL – LRI Mon, 16 Jun 2014 13:29:21 +0000 LRI-simulation-CIDAUT

One of the simulation model processes developed in the project

PROJECT REVIEW MEETING AT SICAMB (LATINA, ITALY) Thu, 06 Mar 2014 20:05:25 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

The objective of the meeting was to review the progress of activities and to attend an LRI test for the infusion of a flat stiffened wing panel with the same geometry and ply drop-offs already defined for the parts targeted in the PLIT project.

During the Review the LRI equipment architecture and the specific infusion tooling were examined.

During the meeting, CIDAUT explained the methodology and results obtained from the laboratory characterization tests carried out for the identification of porosity and permeability data of distribution media and carbon fibre reinforcements. Once the characterization stage is finished, CIDAUT will undertake the creation of the models for the upper and lower stiffened wing panels demonstrators that will be used for the optimization of the infusion strategy.

The validation of these models will be done in WP3 by means of the correlation of simulation and experimental results obtained by SICAMB during the processing of the panels in the Test Bench.

Regarding the detailed design of the Test Bench, during the meeting general detailed design guidelines were agreed aiming to minimize the manufacturing costs but at the same time allowing the evaluation of the LRI process in a real scenario, by the processing demonstrators wing panels with geometrical complexity and manufacturing tolerances according to the real flying parts.

PROJECT REVIEW MEETING AND TOOLS PDR Fri, 08 Nov 2013 17:20:49 +0000 The Preliminary Design Review of the Test Bench was carried out with the approval of main concepts for the tool design created by ITRB (materials, general dimensions…).

The detailed design of the tools will start as soon as the CATIA models for the upper and lower stiffened wing panels demonstrators are available.

PROJECT REVIEW MEETING AT CIDAUT (BOECILLO, SPAIN) Mon, 07 Oct 2013 12:10:31 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

The meeting was called to review the progress made in the two main WPs of the project:

WP1: LRI simulation model

The objective is the development of accurate and efficient simulation models for the LRI process that can be used for the analysis of impregnation of large stiffened wing panels in composite material.

During the first months of the project CIDAUT defined the physical model approach according to the set up of the LRI process for the definition of the optimum simulation methodology, considering element types and sizes and computing times. Also CIDAUT carried out the characterization of the resin rheology according to the viscosity model. A test plan was also defined including permeability characterization tests for the carbon reinforcements and preliminary validation tests with demo panels with stringers.

WP2 Test Bench Design and Manufacturing

The objective was to design and manufacture a Test Bench that will be used at SICAMB site for the manufacturing of the stiffened wing panels Clean Sky GRA demonstrators by the LRI technology. After the trade-off analysis carried out for the selection of the tool material, the preliminary design of the tools was based on the basic process set-up and the requirements specified by the Members from the KoM. A first review of the tools design was carried out with some comments and recommendations to be considered for the PDR.

KICK-OFF MEETING AT SICAMB (LATINA, ITALY) Tue, 09 Apr 2013 11:14:30 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

The project started its implementation in Spring 2013. The KoM took place at the Topic Manager’s premises (SICAMB). The meeting started with a general introduction of the parties followed by technical presentations on the project.

During the KoM, Alenia Aermacchi and SICAMB explained the current status of design activities of the upper and lower stiffened wing panels GRA demonstrators to be processed by LRI during the project and the main needs for the LRI simulation models and the Test Bench aimed to be developed within the PLIT project.

A general presentation of the project activities and general schedule was presented by CIDAUT and ITRB.